Susan McMurray
Protection, guidance, control, preservation, privacy, separation and status: a few of the many purposes a fence serve. A relationship may be strengthened through a conversation over a white picket fence, or destroyed by the crime scene tape running through a home. A fence may be built naturally into the earth, barely noticed such as a jetty, or it may have the harsh contrast of a bright orange construction fence circling around the soft black dirt of a developing site. My metal work takes inspiration from this and transforms it into a sleek silver line running around a rough, dark copper surface.

These contrasting elements of color, textures and form that fences create, balance one another and create sculpture within the environment. Using different forms and surfaces, I create boundaries within my work that question what we value and why. Do we protect our financial wealth, our happiness, development or perhaps something as simple as the grass surrounding our homes.

This attraction to fences is described through a series of jewelry and sculpture that examines the relationships between people, objects and space. What is a fence? How do we perceive value? What will we do to protect it?